Ecologically sustainable agriculture

We also deal with this topic within our project, because paying attention to the quality of the food that we eat plays an important role in supporting the healing process of an organism that has become out of balance.

Conventional farming, with its use of fertilizers and chemical anti-parasites, can be considered one of the causes of the deterioration of the ecosystem of both the planet and its inhabitants, including human beings.

It has been widely demonstrated that it is not true that it is essential to use this kind of agriculture in order to feed the world, but that, on the contrary, it leads to progressive impoverishment of the weaker populations and to the reduction and contamination of the water resources. Severe natural phenomena, such as drought and flooding, are becoming more and more frequent, and are destroying the crops of the biggest producers, causing serious shortages even in countries not used to such damage.

In the course of time the human body has also suffered aggression from chemical residues foreign to its metabolism, with a consequent considerable increase in the incidence of pathologies.

So what are the alternatives?

Agricultural methods that respect the global equilibrium of the planet, not globalised, but taking care of each human being and his needs; agriculture carried out in harmony with local culture and traditions, even though it may make use of more recent knowledge. (One example of such an approach is demonstrated by the Permaculture philosophy.)

Food is fundamental to survival, but also to the health of every human being, and we cannot hope to take care of ourselves without an input of healthy and vital nutrients. As food and water become scarce, we face a future living in slavery, with all the necessary conditions for creating devastating battles for survival.

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