Natural Chelating Agents

Chelation therapy using synthetic chelating agents can have side effects and is advisable only in cases of acute poisoning, where treatment cannot be delayed because of the health risk involved. In all other cases a more delicate approach is preferable, allowing the excess toxic metals to be removed over a period of a few weeks [...]

Chelation Therapy and Toxic Metals

In Italy chelation therapy is performed intravenously using the chemical agent EDTA (Ethylene Diamine Tetra-Acetic Acid), which is a molecule capable of binding to metal ions, forming inactive soluble compounds. This allows them to be eliminated from the body by the kidneys and the urine. There are other substances used in other countries for this [...]

Toxic metals

 I have often asked myself how our parents (the generation born in the first twenty years of the last century) managed to have such a stable state of health, despite having lived through two wars with the obvious consequences: insufficient and poor quality food, lack of hygiene, extreme living conditions and almost inexistent medical prevention. [...]