Toxic metals

 I have often asked myself how our parents (the generation born in the first twenty years of the last century) managed to have such a stable state of health, despite having lived through two wars with the obvious consequences: insufficient and poor quality food, lack of hygiene, extreme living conditions and almost inexistent medical prevention. [...]

Food Intolerance

Our intestine is an organ which is extremely important for our health, in fact we all know that it needs to be emptied regularly, but because it carries out numerous fundamental functions there are other important points to be taken into consideration. The main function of the intestine lies in the absorption of nutrients and [...]


Our intestine is an organ which is made up of several parts, each playing a specific role in the functioning of the digestive process. Each tract, in relation to its function, is colonised by specific micro-organisms, which accordingly perform specific functions. This group of micro-organisms, called flora, is made up of both bacteria and fungi, [...]