Bad Pharma

  An English doctor, needing to change the anti-depressive drug of one of his patients, consulted the available documentation of an alternative active principle in order to evaluate its effectiveness and safety. Satisfied with the information found in the available literature, together with his patient he decided to use the new drug. But actually his [...]

Natural Chelating Agents

Chelation therapy using synthetic chelating agents can have side effects and is advisable only in cases of acute poisoning, where treatment cannot be delayed because of the health risk involved. In all other cases a more delicate approach is preferable, allowing the excess toxic metals to be removed over a period of a few weeks [...]

Chelation Therapy and Toxic Metals

In Italy chelation therapy is performed intravenously using the chemical agent EDTA (Ethylene Diamine Tetra-Acetic Acid), which is a molecule capable of binding to metal ions, forming inactive soluble compounds. This allows them to be eliminated from the body by the kidneys and the urine. There are other substances used in other countries for this [...]

EAV (Electroacupuncture According to Voll) – Functional Testing

These days it often happens that the causes of common pathologies like feeling tired for no apparent reason, allergies, insomnia, anxiety, colitis, headache, constipation and so on are not understood, despite having carried out conventional controls. This can happen when one or more symptoms are “functional”, that is brought about by some “functional” weakness, rather [...]


Specialised Kinesiology is a therapeutic technique which allows us to obtain information about a person’s energetic imbalances using muscle testing (or Muscle Response Testing). It is used throughout the world. In the Sixties it was discovered that there are points and reflex mechanisms in the body which, when appropriately activated, give place to strong or [...]

How doctors choose to die

Doctors also die, but they don’t die like the rest of us. They know enough about modern medicine to know it’s limits! Usually doctors opt out of aggressive therapy for themselves and their family because they know what the consequences are: they prefer retreating and dying in peace amongst their loved ones. Quality of life [...]

Lack of Oxygen at the cellular level

The metabolism of healthy cells is aerobic, that is the cells function correctly in the presence of sufficient oxygen. A normal healthy cell burns oxygen and glucose (blood sugar), producing the energy necessary for its metabolism, and releases carbon dioxide. In certain circumstances, for example if the capacity of the blood to carry oxygen is [...]

Chronic Calcium deficiency

In order for our metabolism to work properly many minerals are necessary: usually these are provided by our food. Calcium, however, plays a predominant role in numerous metabolic processes and its deficiency can lead to the development of various kinds of pathologies. Apart from being abundantly present in our bones, it is essential to cellular [...]

Alteration in the acid-alkaline balance

We, specially those of us of Western culture, are used to believing that our organism is a machine capable of metabolising whatever we put into it. We leave it to our senses to decide what is palatable or acceptable. Actually, the human body is a very sophisticated system with exceptional qualities, which, in order to [...]

Ecologically sustainable agriculture

We also deal with this topic within our project, because paying attention to the quality of the food that we eat plays an important role in supporting the healing process of an organism that has become out of balance. Conventional farming, with its use of fertilizers and chemical anti-parasites, can be considered one of the [...]