(Italiano) Presentazione del metodo di riaddestramento respiratorio del Dottor Buteyko



A group event always provides us with a good opportunity to obtain information, meet and get to know each other in person, compare experiences, present our skills …. it’s a valuable occasion for individual (and collective) growth. This being our firm belief, we will be sure to inform you of the main events in Italy [...]

Create your own health

This is for those who don’t know which way to turn in order to improve their health, for those who have consulted specialists but haven’t resolved their problems and for those who feel that they don’t have the resources enabling them to get their vital energy back. Together we can put new strategies into practice, [...]

(Italiano) Stess ossidativo


(Italiano) Medicina Biologica e Nutrizionale Funzionale applicata


I Nemici Nascosti della Nostra Salute