In these times of consumerism it isn’t always easy to stop, think things over and make choices which may appear to be limiting. But to consume without restraint, unwisely, has consequences on the physical well-being of the human being. This race towards the apparent satisfaction of every need is a trick, an illusion, and when [...]


Diet is a very fashionable subject these days, and one can find all possible kinds of information on nutrition, often contradictory. Such a range of opinions leads us to the conclusion that, apart from certain basic and unbreakable laws,  a diet that is suitable for everyone doesn’t exist. Each individual needs to find his own [...]


The human body is a very complex, wonderfully coordinated system. We definitely haven’t yet discovered all of its subtle working mechanisms. It is distinguished by a high level of specialization, however, which we need to take care of and respect. Many “buffer” mechanisms are provided within the system, enabling it to re-establish its equilibrium even [...]

Extreme stress

Stress, contrary to what we may believe, is a useful and necessary physiological reaction of the human body to an emergency situation. When we are faced with a threat, our organism reacts at a nervous and hormonal level in order to defend itself from imminent danger, sending all its resources to the essential organs in [...]